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Serving the business community
What is The Business Management Association?
The Business Management Association is an independent association truly representative of small businesses, operating on an international basis.

The Business Management Association has been established as an authorative body to promote the aims of the small business sector and formed by various companies, educational establishments and committed business entrepreneurs all actively involved in the practice of, or education of, small business owners and managers.

Founder Corporate members include:
  • Wade World Trade
  • Wade Advancement Systems
  • World Trade Organisation (Publishing)
Founder individual members include:
  • Lord Cottenham FBMA
  • Peter van Berckel MA FCIM CBMA MIEx
  • Dr. Mervyn H Pilley FBMA EA AAAI AFA
We are supported by an international network of experienced business men and women.
  • Secretary General M. H. Pilley
  • Vice President Prof. Dr. Ralph Thomas FRSA FBMA