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Serving the business community
Membership benefits
Management International

Members are entitled to receive a free copy of 'Management International', the association journal. The magazine provides a platform for members wishing to "make comment" as well as providing a source for business contact and promoting new ideas. The intention is for this journal to be published in both paper and electronic format as soon as possible

The Advisory Service

Being able to call on the BMA team of experts we will be able to offer you e-mail or written advice and back up if you need help on a wide range of business topics. A competitive fee will be charged on a quotation basis.

Competitive Rates for Members

The Association has negotiated preferential rates for members of the Association for many business services and products. Details of these benefits will be advised to you when you initially become a member and will be updated via the pages of the journal.

Regional Network

We have established regional groups for the Association both within the UK and also in various countries throughout the world. We regard networking as a vitally important part of the support we offer members.

Business Contact

The Association in co-operation with its founder members has established a network of agents and representative groups throughout the free trading world, their function being to provide "on the spot" market information and supply business contacts

Further Qualifications

We have negotiated reciprocal arrangements with other professional bodies and negotiations are ongoing. Please contact Head Office for further information and an up to date list.

Education and Training

The Association places great emphasis on the need for on-going business training and professional education.

"Knowledge and sound business practice will determine success in a competitive business world". Seen as a major contributor and resource, an educational training unit has been established.. General or specific advice on matters relating to business or professional education is offered - suitable courses of study, both informal and formal, can be recommended.

We aim to continually update the Association's range of courses. In today's rapidly changing world we feel that flexibility of qualifications will be vital to career and earnings progression.

Initially we propose to provide courses in the following business subjects - Independent Consultancy, Sales and Salesmanship, Accountancy, Economics, Business Start-up and Business Administration.

We also aim to organise business seminars in the future, at convenient locations, based on topical business subjects. These meetings will also enable members to further network their services. Details of seminars will be published in 'Management International'.

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