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Examinations and Syllabus


BMA Diploma in Business Management (DipBMA)

Prospecive or elected members can, if they so desire, take by postal examination the BMA's advanced examination leading to the Association's diploma in business management; the BMA diploma examination will test management skills, practice and general business understanding.

Candidates successfully completing the diploma will automatically qualify for the grade of fellow and will be awarded the BMA diploma in business management (DipBMA).

Candidates may elect to take the diploma on initial registration or at any time during membership. The examination will take the form of a submitted paper(approximately 3000 words in length) selected from management themes relevant to the candidate's individual career and business environment. Consideration will be given to an alternative subject where the candidate is able to offer evidence of specialist knowledge.

Outstanding papers will be published in "Management International" with the permission of the author. If a paper is published examination fees will be waived.

The examination fee is £100 with no further charge if candidates are asked to re-submit a paper.

The Entrepreneurs Award (EA)

An award designed to recognise a high level of entrepreneurial thinking and ability. The award will be given upon attendance at a recognised programme of events together with a completed case study.

Certificates and Diplomas are also awarded in various management related subjects.

Exemption from the qualifying examinations may be granted to mature candidates with extensive senior level management experience.


The BMA ultimately intends to become an examining body. To this end we have developed a syllabus. It is envisaged that examination will be introduced by 2012.


Entry Requirements:
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Minimum of four GCSE passes including maths and English or equivalent qualifications

1) Business Structure
Making the initial choice; Sole trader; Partnership; Limited company; public limited company; Limited liability partnership.

2) Business Law
Fundamentals of English law; Contract law; Company law; Consumer law; Employment law; Agency law;

3) Basic accounting
Fundamental manual accounting records; Small business computer accounts package; Double entry book-keeping; Ledgers/control accounting; Journals; Stock, accruals and prepayments

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Entry Requirements:
  • Minimum age 20 years
  • Completion of foundation level
  • Full exemption of foundation level granted by education board
  • OND certificate or similar level award granted by a UK college of further education or professional body, or an overseas organisation considered of equal standing by the education board

1) Business Planning/strategy
Information management; Knowledge management; Business Plan content; Business objectives; Cash flow forecasting; Budgeted accounting

2) Principles of Marketing
Marketing function and systems; Product knowledge; Market research; Consumer demand; Advertising/publicity; Selling principles

3) Business Communications/IT
Internal/external communications; Written/verbal communication skills; Use of equipment in communication; Use of networks in communications; Telecommunication networks; Overcoming communication problems

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Entry Requirements:
  • Minimum age 22 years
  • Completion of professional level 1
  • Full exemption of level 1 as granted by education board
  • HND certificate or similar level award granted by a UK college of further education or an overseas organisation considered of equal standing by the education board

1) Business Management
Office environment; Systems control; Personnel management; Management services; Production control; Quality process/benchmarking

2) Business computing
Software packages; Hardware systems; Data Protection act; Windows systems/spreadsheets; Use of Internet, Intranet and Extranet; Conversion of records from manual to computer

3) Advanced accounting
Methods of raising finance; Preparation of financial accounts; Trading and profit and loss account; Balance sheet; Cost accounting/management accounts; Use of financial ratios/interpreting financial statements

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Entry Requirements:
  • Minimum age 25 years
  • Completion of professional level 2
  • Full exemption of level 2 as granted by education board
  • First degree as awarded by a UK educational establishment or an overseas establishment recognised as of equal standing by the education board

Case study/work project covering the full development of a business either based upon actual experience of own business or alternatively working on criteria laid down by the education board. Minimum length of project 10,000 words.

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  1. Business Accounting
  2. Business Economics
  3. Business Administration and Management
  4. Selling and Sales Management
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  1. Marketing
  2. Business Economics
  3. Business Finance
  4. Export Development
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  1. Practice/procedures in International business
  2. International Marketing
  3. E-commerce/Technology networks
  4. Import/export agency
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  1. Business Planning
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Formalities/Registrations
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At all levels exemptions will be considered on a subject for subject basis in respect of examinations taken by candidates for other professional bodies recognised by the Business Management Association.

Completion of all four levels of the syllabus is considered equivalent to a bachelor's level professional degree.

In cases where applicants have considerable, provable, experience in business management, the Association will consider awarding awards on the production of a thesis on a subject directly related to business management and at a pre agreed number of words.

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