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Serving the business community
Training Courses

The Business Management Association has developed a range of programmes accredited by the College of Management Science, London WC1N 3XX.

The Association has developed a range of courses aimed at equipping its members with advanced knowledge, skill, and accreditation in several aspects of management. The Business Management Association will work with companies and employers to develop particular targeted learning programmes aimed at helping their key employees and executives gain an edge in today’s increasingly competitive market place.

The course fee for the Association’s courses is £235 [about $325]. You can enrol in any three courses and pay only for two. If you wish, you can spread the course fee in manageable monthly instalments.

The courses presently available are:

Business Administration [Dip.B.A.] Diploma course in Marketing, Ethics, Accounting, Organizational Behaviour, Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Operations, Economics and Strategy.

Business/Management Consultant [Dip.Mgmt.C.] Become a highly paid Business or Management Consultant [full time or part-time]. The detailed course covers setting goals and expectations, basic requirements, legal, financial and administrative needs, fundamental marketing, advanced marketing, sales process and getting business, establishing fees, how to grow your business.

Management Philosophy [Dip.M.Ph.] If you are serious about succeeding then you can secure yourself a distinctive edge by studying one of the Masters of doing-what-needs-to-be-done. The course is based on two of the works of the political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli ... ‘The Prince’ and ‘The Art of War’. You can learn why one leader can be more successful than another... how you can outwit your competitors and rise to the top.

English Law [Dip.Law.] This Diploma course in English Law covers in great detail the English legal system, the law of contract, law of torts, law of property, criminal law, cases and material.

Logic [Dip. Log.] 1. Validity 2. What follows from what. 3 Names and Quantifiers 4. Descriptions and Existence 5. Self reference 6. Necessity and Possibility 7. Conditional - What is an ‘if’? 8. Future and Past: Is time real? 9. Identity and Change: I anything ever the same? 10. Vagueness. 11. Probability. 12. Inverse Probability. 13. Decision Theory.

Neuro Linguistic Programming [Dip.NLP.] Whether you simply seek to change your life and reprogramme yourself to always succeed or whether you wish to secure high earnings by training others to become NLP therapists, the college’s course will equip you with the knowledge and recognition in the field. The course covers an introduction to the subject, Thinking Patterns, How we filter our world view, thinking with our body, enriching our communication, learning to be precise, hypnotic language, using metaphors to communicate with the unconscious mind, creating meta-messages within, strategies for successful living, tapping into our inner potential, neurological levels of change, self belief in excellence, achieve what we really want, how to build and maintain rapport, perceptual positions, resolving conflict, high performance coaching.

Applied Psychology [Dip.A.Psy.] This course might also be named simply ‘getting anyone to do anything’. Why do some people act or react in such and such a way? How can we help others to see the world from our point of view? The course covers... Having other people like you, becoming irresistibly attractive, how to appear clam in any situation, ways to identify a true friend or when someone is telling you the truth, recognising bluff, seeing through people without their knowing, getting others to take our advice, ensuring that others keep their commitments to us, getting stubborn people to change their mind about anything, get others to do favours for us, win in any competitive situation e.g. romantic or a job or a contract, be forgiven for anything, say no without hurting people, turn rude and obnoxious people into a best friend, stop rumours about ourself, stop verbal abuse instantly, stop jealous behaviour, criticise without offending, escape from psychical/sexual assault.

Business Continuity Planning [Dip.B.C.P.] The growing dependence of organisations on high technology vulnerable to flood, power cuts terrorism and other disasters, raises the demand for professionals qualified to produce plans which will keep things running. This course is a practical answer to that demand. Make yourself invaluable now.

Project Management [Dip.P.M.] Diploma course covers: Project life cycle; Basic principles; Project organisation and team; Everyday basics and administration; Planning; Monitoring and control; Scope management and Risk management; Design; Build and test; Implement and review; Critical Chain Method; Classic planning and progress measurement tools; Managing large and complex projects; Project planning software tools.

Mediation Management [Dip.M.Mgmt] Diploma course covers: The potential for Mediation, the Cost and Value of Conflict, the Mediation Approach, Map of Process, Working with Parties separately, Joint Mediation Sessions, Progressing, Mediating in High Conflict, Mediation for Group Disputes, Maintaining Dialogue under Pressure, Office Isms, Sensitive Issues, Mediation into Organization, Workplace Mediation Service.

English Grammar [Dip.L.] Learn to communicate accurately using the English language. Avoid those embarrassing slips, and the schoolboy howlers which can destroy your reputation. The college’s course gives a fresh and full treatment of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, auxiliary verbs, the infinitive and the passive. Help is available throughout the course for students seeking to use modern English idiomatic expressions to enable them to converse confidently with English speakers.

Human Resources Management [Dip.H.R.] This course uses leading texts of the new HR and covers: the agenda for competitiveness, the changing nature of HR, strategic partnerships, admin expertise, employee championship, being an agent for change, and HR for HR.

Total Quality Management [Dip.TQM.] Diploma course covers the entire science and art of TQM including foundations, planning, performance, processes, people. and implementation.

Health & Safety Management [Dip.H.S.] Diploma course covers the law; Management responsibilities; Human resources; Workplace safety; Information and advice; Accidents; Occupational health; Health at work; Health protection; Safety technology; Chemicals; Noise; Work equipment; Construction; Manual handling; Mechanical lifting; Electricity; Fire; Environment.

Sales Management [Dip.S.Mgmt.] Diploma course covers the creation of a sales force - people, process, technology, and performance; Strategies and the Firm - Sales force organization, forecasting and sales planning, motivating sales people; Perfecting the Programme - performance evaluations, sales force automation.

Retail Management [Dip.R.Mgmt.] Diploma course covers action planning and visioning, rising above the crowd, basic store components, staff and customers, securing the big idea, team building for profit, performance improvement, retail strategy, retail promotion, retail marketing, history of successful retailing.

Event Management [Dip.E.Mgmt.] Diploma course covers development of proposed event management operations, characteristics of event management, analysis, defining service provision, planning, product development, supply chain management, location management and choice, risk management for event managers, forecasting and capacity management, scheduling and time management, performance evaluation, awareness of quality.

Diploma in Negotiation Techniques [Dip.N.(Mgmt.)] The course is based on the Harvard Business School Negotiation training programme and covers the different types of negotiation, the key concepts, how to prepare for a negotiation, tactics, barriers to agreement, recognize and avoid errors, relationships, negotiating on behalf of others, negotiating skills.

Life Coaching [Dip.L.C.] This programme is designed for anyone in management, counselling, human resources or who wishes to pursue a career as a Life Coach Consultant. The course covers the principles of Life coaching, collaborative coaching, the process and structures, fundamental skills of coaching, and the barriers to coaching.

Import-Export/International Entrepreneur. Imagine that, with little or no capital, sitting in your own home, that you could create and develop your own international trading organization with an almost unlimited profit potential. That is what is available through international trade. The College’s course takes you through all that you need to know to achieve your goals. The course gives a detailed introduction, a section on the hands on of getting started, other trading opportunities, the types of merchant trading, the routes to obtaining customers and suppliers, the internet for international traders, the power of public relations in international trade, international treaties and trade pacts and blocs, laws and regulations. Continuing one to one help and counsel is available throughout your course and after graduation.

Short Term Trading. Become a successful stock market trader able to maximize your profits over three days to three weeks. The course covers the markets, how to set up your own trading business, the mechanics of markets, market analysis, cycles, charts, uptrends and downtrends, buying signals and selling signals, risk reward ratios, money management, and successful short selling strategies.

Assertiveness Training Course [Dip. Cl.Psy] This course is ideal for the individual and for those wishing to offer their service as an assertativeness trainer/therapist. Topics covered include mental conditioning, appropriate behaviour choices, tension control, inner calm, positive thinking skills, selfawareness and self esteem, positive language, positive affirmations, positive outcomes, our basic rights, degrees of assertiveness, listening skills, small talk, conflict resolution, body language, relationships, matching, mirroring, relationships with relatives, direct assertive communication, honesty, spoken power, making and refusing requests, problem people, interviews, criticising, complimenting, meeting.

Diploma in Body Language -Applied Psychology [Dip.A.Psy.] The course covers how body language reveals emotions and thoughts of others, learn what Prime Minister Gordon Brown has in common with Henry VIII and what it reveals, how to tell when someone is lying, how to create rapport, when men and women shake hands, smiling, how humour heals, arm signals, hugging, the power of touch, cultural differences, hand and thumb gestures, women are better at lying, eye signals, pupil dilation, how to grab a man’s attention, the first 20 seconds of an interview, leg and feet positions, common gestures, body mirroring, reading body angles, courtship displays and attraction gestures, ownership territory and height signals, seating arrangements - where to sit and why, interviews and office politics.

First Aid Diploma Course [Dip.F.A.] The Diploma course in first aid is based on the course work as approved by the British Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, and St.Andrew’s Ambulance Association. The lavishly illustrated course text covers infections, cross infections, dealing with waste, stress, first aid at work, first aid at mass gatherings, action at emergencies, traffic incidents, fires, electrical injuries, water rescue, assessing a casualty, mechanics of injury, symptoms and signs, examining a casualty, treatment and aftercare, removing clothing and headgear, monitoring vital signs, dressings and bandages, handling casualties, breathing and circulation, life saving priorities, resuscitation for adults children and infants, respiratory system, hypoxia, airway obstruction, hanging and strangulation, drowning, fume inhalation, penetrating chest wound, hyperventilation, asthma, croup, heart and blood vessels, shock, internal bleeding, anaphylactic shock, angina pectoris, acute heart failure, heart attack, fainting, bleeding and types of wounds, severe bleeding, impalement, amputation, crush injury, cuts and grazes, foreign objects in cuts, bruising, infected wound, scalp and head wounds, eye wound, bleeding from the ear, nosebleed, mouth bleeding, knocked out tooth, wound to the palm, at joint crease, abdominal, vaginal bleeding, varicose vein, bones, muscles and joints, fractures, dislocations, facial fracture, shoulders, arms, hand, ribcage, back pain, pelvis, leg, nervous system, impaired consciousness, head injury, seizures in children, meningitis, headache, migraine, the skin, burns and scalds, heat exhaustion, frostbite, hypothermia, sensory organs, splinter, embedded fish hooks, foreign objects in eye, ear, nose, inhaled or swallowed, poisons, chemicals, drugs, insect bites, animal bites, childbirth and medical problems, emergency first aid.

Diploma in Handwriting Analysis [Graphology] [Dip.Graph.] The interpretation of handwriting has been used for many years as a means of identification. It is also widely recognised as a method of understanding and evaluating other people, their mind-sets and whole personality. The course covers Introduction to handwriting analysis , Form Level, Rhythm, Release and Restraint, Left Hand and Right Hand, Margins, Spacing, Connections, The Three Zones, Legibility, Pressure, Starting and Ending Strokes, Size, Slant, Capital Letters, Lower Case i, Lower case t, Numbers, Punctuation, Envelopes, Ink and Paper Colours, Loops: Emotional and Sexual Pointers, Vocational Guidance, Doodles, The Signature, Assessment Alphabet.

To enrol in any of the above courses please visit the webpage of the British Management Association at the Unifaculty Foundation of the College of Management Science, London:

If you would like more information on any course[s] before enrolling, or help in enrolling, please contact us now at

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